Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Global Knives

Are sex! Yessir they are sex. These Japanese delights are light, SHARP and the handle is smaller than the German knives, which might be a deturrent for those with bigger hands but, those with the smaller hands (me) are perfect. For perfect balence they are injected with sand, so as the knife moves the sand slides giving perfect balence. Did i mention they are SHARP unlike the German knives they are ground down to a more acute angle and the alloy used is much harder this is done to keep the edge razor sharp for longer yet you are going to have to sharpen it, which you should send it out or learn how to sharpen. I recomend the first. So are you gonna put this through the dishwasher? HELL NO! Hand wash these fine knives.

As chef Bourdain put it in his stellar book Kitchen Confidential. From the chapter How to Cook Like the Pros

Most of the professionals I know have for years been retiring their Wusthofs and replacing them with the lightweight, easy-to-sharpen and relatively inexpensive vandium stell Global knives, a very good Japanese product which has -in addition to its many other fine qualities - the added attraction of looking really cool.

5/5 stars!

Friday, June 1, 2007


as summer comes around FoodWarez will pick up.